Hylephobia- Fear of materialism or the fear of epilepsy

Having seen a person suddenly collapse due to epilepsy can be quite traumatic and can make a lasting impression in an individual. When this fear becomes a phobia, it is termed as Hylephobia.
When one gets a seizure attack, he or she losses self-control and inhibition, may lose consciousness and may cause other people around them to panic. This can cause the person to feel embarrassed and can lead to poor self-esteem. People with uncontrolled epilepsy are usually introverts and may limit their group of friends to people they know can respond with professionalism when they get an attack.
On the other hand, Greeks used the term hyle to mean movement of the spirit and this could have been the cause why this phobia is also used to mean the fear of materialism.

Education can be a primary tool in developing an atmosphere where fear is not welcome. When you understand that epilepsy is a medical condition that coexists with thousands of other medical conditions you can learn that the issue may be troubling and frustrating, but the individual experiencing the seizure already struggles with what will happen to them. Your response to the seizures doesn’t usually change the epileptic, but it does cause you to be held captive by something that should never control you – fear.

This is where a therapist can be very important to your recovery. They can help you separate your response from what is actually happening and urge your response to a place of compassion instead of fear.