Hyelophobia or Hyalophobia- Fear of glass

Crystal can be very attractive and beautiful to look at but there can be some people who fear glass and can have intense anxiety and fear around glass or crystal objects. These people are hyelophobics. This phobia can be due to a previous experience of being cut by glass and that the injury was traumatic. Glass is delicate and may trigger the feeling of being able not to handle such a fragile object without breaking them can cause anxiety. Although some glass are made to withstand destruction such as bulletproof glass, these people will still fear them.

People with this phobia may choose to avoid glass and crystal in their own lives, as much as they can. Sometimes, people with mental illnesses may even go so far as to cover up glass mirrors so that they can avoid their own reflections. Feelings of poor self-worth and displeasure with one’s own face and body can feed into this phobia, making it stronger.

Panic attacks can result from this phobia. People may experience headaches, dizziness and nausea even being around crystals. Psychotherapy is often of big help for cases such as these and hypnosis can also help to alleviate and help divert the fear to something more positive.