Hormephobia- Fear of shock

We all can’t have good news in our lives. At some point we have to expect terrible news and each bad news can cause us to be in a state of shock. When in this state, one can be confused and may be in denial. Some people may have an intense and persistent fear of shock and is called Hormephobia.

No one wants to be shocked or be in a state of shock because these are usually caused by a personal and painful experience but it is part of living. How we respond to the shock is what differentiates the normal people from those with hormephobia. Hormephobes often had a traumatic experience in the past that was for them so great that it caused them to develop this fear into a full blown phobia. This can lead some to erect a wall of instant denial when bad things happen.
An individual can also see what shock has done to a close friend and find fear in the prospect of horrific news. These are just some of the causes of a fear of shock.

One of the greatest symptoms of this fear is denial. The individual will deny the truth of the news that traditionally supplies the shock. This can potentially lead to additional mental health issues if not addressed.

This fear can be so pronounced that a therapist is usually needed to help with ones loss and grief, and allow you to identify the cause of this fear and address it.