Herpetophobia – Fear of Reptiles

Herpetophobia, or concern of reptiles, is a relatively common phobia. Severity can range drastically, making it troublesome to determine whether you’ve gotten a medical phobia or simply a fear. Herpetophobia, like arachnophobia (fear of spiders), is believed by many to be an evolutionary phobia. Our ancestors tended to concern those animals that might cause harm, and the sheer variety of venomous reptiles might have precipitated herpetophobia to develop over time.

As this fear is comparatively common, it is used as a spotlight at many Halloween events comparable to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 2008. In a haunted house set within the 1950s, a highschool boy with a love of comedian books develops a particular phobia of the giant squid, an animal believed on the time to be mythological.

This shouldn’t be strictly correct, as the large squid is definitely a marine cephalopod fairly than a reptile, but the park takes creative license to make the scene appear scarier.

The Phobia

In reality, herpetophobia is strictly restricted to reptiles corresponding to snakes and lizards. It is a really personalized phobia. Some sufferers are afraid only when touching a large snake, while others can’t even look at photographs of small, innocent geckos.

If you’ve got herpetophobia, you might grow to be afraid whenever you are in proximity to a reptile and even amphibian. You could also be unable to buy in pet stores that supply reptiles for sale. You is perhaps unwilling to go on hiking trips or different activities during which there is a probability of encountering a reptile. You might scream, cry,shake or hyperventilate if you unexpectedly encounter the object of your fear. If your phobia is much less severe, you may be able to tolerate reptiles within the area, but panic for those who come into bodily contact with one.