Hemophobia – fear of blood

Hemophobia, or concern of blood, is a typical specific phobia. The concern is categorized by the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, 4th Ed.) as a part of the subtype blood-injection-injury phobias. This subtype, which additionally includes needle phobia, may cause symptoms that are not ceaselessly seen in other forms of specific phobias.

Symptoms of Hemophobia

Most forms of specific phobia cause the center rate and blood strain to rise. Hemophobia and other blood-injection-injury phobias often cause a drop in blood pressure and heart rate. The sudden drop can result in fainting, a relatively common response to the sight
of blood. Anticipatory anxiety, in which you may experience a racing heart, shaking, and gastrointestinal distress, is common in the hours and days earlier than an upcoming encounter with blood.

Causes of Hemophobia

Hemophobia is usually related to different phobias. Trypanophobia, or worry of medical needles, is sometimes associated with hemophobia. Some folks with a worry of blood also have other medical phobias, equivalent to fears of medical doctors and dentists. The field of medication is popularly related to gruesome images of spilled blood, particularly in tv and movies, which can help to perpetuate such phobias.

Hemophobia might also be related to health phobias together with hypochondriasis and nosophobia. Bleeding is a sign that something is improper with the body, and the sight of one’s own blood could be enough to trigger well being anxiety. In those that suffer from mysophobia, or fear of germs, the sight of somebody else’s blood can set off fears of catching a disease. In some cases, the fear of blood may be related to the fear of death.