Hedonophobia- Fear of feeling pleasure

Caresses, touching, kisses and intimate moments can be quite pleasurable for most of us and are often welcomed because of the pleasure they bring. However there are those who do not welcome these moments and even fear them suffer from hedonophobia.

This fear can often be linked to fear of sexual intercourse and for some this can be due to fear of extreme enjoyment that they fear they might lose control of themselves.

This is also most likely due to verbal discussions with a well meaning adult that attempts to convince a young person to avoid intimacy at a young age that sex is dirty. This can leave one with the impression that it is wrong to have pleasure. The fear can be troublesome on a personal level if an individual enjoys the feeling of pleasure so much that they are embarrassed by their behavior during those moments of the most intense pleasure.

A person who struggles with this phobia will not typically engage in dating relationships and will often be a very somber individual. They may not attend sporting events and will not likely watch comedy television or movies. This individual will avoid anything that may bring pleasure and then struggle with guilt if they do experience pleasure.

Therapy is often required in most. There is nothing wrong with feeling intense pleasure, but the fear and guilt you may experience when you do can hinder living a full life and enjoying the company of others.