Graphophobia- Fear of writing or handwriting

An overwhelming and irrational fear of writing or handwriting is known as graphophobia. Sufferers may doubt their ability to write well and experience intense fear that they will fail in writing. Most people with this fear might have experienced a traumatic event in the past such as writing for a class assignment or project and being ridiculed or criticized for having written such a poor piece. Some may also have low self-esteem and they think that anything that they write about is not good enough and not worth any attention. These individuals may have tried to write and thought of it to be excellent, only to receive rejection and criticism.

Some also have very poor handwriting. This may be an unconscious manifestation of their poor self-esteem wherein they will not make their handwriting legible so that it will be difficult to read and others will not read it anymore. They are not proud of anything they have written and will not want others to read them.

Symptoms of a graphophobic may vary but when confronted with fear, they tend to perspire, become anxious and become nauseated and may display other symptoms of anxiety.

Graphophobia may be treated with the traditional “talk” therapy will teach a person to recognize and control their phobia. Self-help, support groups, cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques are some other strategies that can also be used.