Genophobia – An exaggerated or irrational fear of sex

Genophobia is an irrational concern of sex or sexual intercourse. When such matters are mentioned or tried the condition can induce a panic state within the genophobic person. Panic symptoms could embrace panic attack, rapid breathing, fast pulse, sweating, dry mouth and inability to finish any act of intercourse. There are a variety of reasons why people can develop genophobia, and generally people could have the condition and not using a specific reason.

Clearly, a few of the main causes of genophobia can be things like prior sexual assault or historical past of sexual abuse. When introduction to sexual behavior is violent or manipulative as an alternative of pleasant it might taint all future makes an attempt to have sexual intercourse, no matter how light or mutually desired. Sometimes the cause is medical as an alternative of having to do with earlier abuse.

Men who’ve suffered from frequent bouts of erectile dysfunction may develop worry of any sexual contact in the type of fear of failure. Women who’ve medical situations that cause intercourse to be painful might begin to fear intercourse too. Occasionally, no recognized cause exists, or improvement of the phobia might have been triggered throughout childhood when kids were uncovered to graphic sexual visible material on TV, in books or in movies.

It ought to be understood that genophobia prompts extreme reaction to the thought of sex, and to any attempted sexual behavior. People aren’t mildly concerned about intercourse. Instead they develop extreme anxiety concerning it. This can make life very difficult, particularly if a person is concerned in a relationship with one other person where sexual intercourse could be normally expected. Those with genophobia may additionally avoid relationships because they are terrified of sexual intimacy, making them very lonely.

As with any phobia, there are methods for helping to deal with genophobia. These can include a mixture of therapy and medication, and folks would generally seek for therapists who are psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed counselors or licensed clinical social workers. It’s also a good idea to rule out potential physical causes creating the condition. For instance, if a lady is experiencing pain during intercourse, leading to fear of sex, she ought to get a full gynecological examination to find out if any bodily symptoms are making intercourse challenging.