Eurotophobia- Fear of female genitalia

Eurotophobia is the irrational and persistent fear of the female genitalia and applies to both men and women.

For men, they fear the female genitalia for the reason that they are unfamiliar with it and because of the lack of understanding of the female genitalia. For others, the thought of the female genitalia can be arousing for them but because of suppressed and repressed thoughts and self-control that they should not have intercourse, this feeling of sexual excitement can become a fear or phobia instead. This can be a conditioned response so that they can repress their emotions and carnal desires.

For females in some countries, parents fear for their daughters virginity and may resort to genital mutilation. Other women who fear for their own sexual purity may also resort to self-mutilation. This is commonly found in African countries where they call this practice as female circumcision. This can lead to serious complications later in life and if not properly done at times can lead to death.

Persons with this fear often think of sex as an impure and bad thing thus they would do anything to avoid it. They will stay away from women and women with this fear will not have any interaction with men. They can become introverts in the process.

Treatment includes behavioral therapy. Proper education that sex is not bad and that mutilation of the female genitalia can be life-threatening is important to save women’s lives.