Euphobia- Fear of hearing good news

Almost all of us always want to hear the good news, and fear the bad news. But ironically, there are some people who fear hearing good news and they seem to thrive in the negative aspects of life, and these people are said to have Euphobia.

This phobia is usually a result of getting disappointed by hearing good news that actually did not happen. For instance, one thought that she won the lottery only to find out that she had the wrong date but the right numbers. Subsequently, she will not want to hear the good news but will find in hearing news that may not be good but is the truth. Sometimes these people gain comfort in the chaos around us and may equate good news with lack of control or something that can confuse them.

The phobic person will thrive better in a chaotic environment and will not display any happiness when he or she hears good news. They may display symptoms of anxiety when told of good and happy news instead of feeling elated like most of us would feel. They may limit themselves to a group of friends who also share the negative emotions they also feel.

Treatment includes behavioral psychotherapy. They should be taught not to fear good news and should be conditioned to feel happy instead. Medications may be given to those with severe anxiety symptoms.