Erotophobia- Fear of sexual love or sexual questions

The irrational and debilitating fear of some object, person or act that is related to sex is called Erotophobia. This fear can prevent a person from enjoying sex or even having sex at all and can often lead to social phobia.

This fear probably resulted from past traumatic events experienced in one’s life. Erotophobia can result from witnessing or being a sexual victim of sexually traumatic event. This could also have been brought by stories of having unwanted pregnancies as a teen and being kicked out of school or having to work early on just to provide for the baby.

Another reason for this fear could be due to religious beliefs of a person. Those who are brought up strictly based on teachings from the bible are taught that you should not commit adultery and that sex is sacred and is an act acceptable only if done by a married couple for the purpose of reproduction. These persons usually grow up thinking of sex as something to be feared and if they do it before marriage, they are committing a serious sin and will be punished for it.

Symptoms of Erotophobia include shortness of breath, increased breathing, irregular heartbeat, increased sweating, nausea, and feelings of dread regarding sex.

Anti-anxiety drugs can be prescribed to treat individuals with this phobia. Cognitive-behavioral, psychotherapy and even relaxation or relaxation techniques are some of the common therapies used. Seeking help from a therapist can help better understand yourself and overtime will help find ways to cope with this phobia.