Ergophobia – Fear of work

Ergophobia, derived from the Greek “ergon” (work) and “phobos” (fear), is otherwise known as ergasiophobia, and is an abnormal and persistent fear of work.

Working is a part of our daily routine and we need to work to earn money so we can live comfortably and provide for ourselves and family. Some people might have had a traumatic experience thus this phobia emerged. They could have experienced getting fired, or getting humiliated at work. One might have been pushed to the limit at work and getting yelled at for not finishing the work to be done. Others might have had a monster for a boss thus they have associated work with fear. Still for others, their fear of work stems from their fear of responsibility, fear of socializing with co-workers, or fear of interacting with others during meetings.

People with this fear oftentimes are out of jobs and they tend to roam in the street or just ask money from other people. They may be your typical couch potatoes, just watching TV all day and are not concerned with looking for a job or working at all.

Those with this phobia should be taught that work is a necessity nowadays. They may undergo behavioral and cognitive psychotherapy and could be desensitized by giving them a small task to work on to begin with and little by little be given bigger responsibilities. If the workplace is the cause of the phobia, they could try looking for other jobs where they can feel comfortable, or sometimes medications may help.