Equinophobia- Fear of horses

Equinophobia is an overwhelming, persistent and irrational dread of horses. Horses are seen to be strong, powerful, muscular, fast and big animals and can seem scary for people with this phobia.

Most with this fear may have had a negative experience in the past involving horses. They could have taken horseback riding lessons or rode a horse in a park and have fallen off and sustained an injury thus they fear any future encounter with horses. One might have also seen a loved one fall off a horse and get severely injured, or saw someone on TV fall of a horse and becoming comatose as a result of a bad head injury. Some might have seen on TV how fast and scary racing horses can be and they fear that they will get trampled by a horse. Whatever the source of fear, these people will do anything to avoid horses.

They will not go to ranches or farms where they know they will find horses. Some might be even scared of looking at figurines or pictures of horses.

Treatment includes behavioral therapy. They should also be gradually introduced to horses, with the proper guidance of someone who knows how to deal with horses. Medications are rarely necessary unless someone lives in a farm where encounter with horses is unavoidable.