Epistemophobia- Fear of knowledge

Epistemophobia is the fear of knowledge. The origin of the word epistemo is Greek (meaning knowledge) and phobia is Greek (meaning fear). It is important for us to continue learning everyday because once we stop learning, our minds begin to stagnate, and we ourselves stop improving. But for an epistemophobe, too much knowledge is frightening.

This fear might have been brought about by learning something, like for instance reading in a medical book about a particular disease and realizing its severity made someone wish that he or she did not read about it in the first place. One might also feel responsible that they should share their knowledge with other people and fear that what they pass on to others is erroneous thus they refuse to learn so that they don’t have to feel responsible for others. Knowledge is power, and some fear this power that they acquire when they are knowledgeable.

People with this fear will do anything to stay away from books and will not read anything on the newspaper or magazine. One might also refuse to watch television for fear that they might learn something from it.

Treatment ironically involves teaching the person not to fear learning or knowledge. They should be taught that learning new things is part of our everyday lives.