Enetophobia- Fear of pins

Fear of pins and needles is known as Enetophobia and is also otherwise known as Belonephobia. It does not necessarily indicate the physical sensation of pins and needles, but is the fear of the sharp objects themselves.

Causes of this type of fear are triggered by injuries and pain from pins and needles. Past injuries that occurred, would usually remain in the psyche coming from sharp objects. Bad experiences from blood tests, sewing kits, and other sharp objects are often powerful triggers. One could have experienced getting pricked while playing with the ‘forbidden’ sewing box, or playing with the sewing machine. Other times, this fear can also be brought about by fear of getting poked by the needle of a syringe thus this fear can also be associated with fear of injections.

Symptoms include anxiety, nausea, headache, dizziness and sense of doom. Overcoming this type of fear involves getting at the root of the fear. To get to the root of the fear, going back to the past experiences where one has suffered pain and trauma with needles can be a starting point. Alternative therapies such as cognitive and behavioral psychotherapy can also be effective. Medications are rarely needed.