Eleutherophobia- Fear of freedom

People living in fear with the notion of freedom is called having Eleutherophobia. This fear could have had its roots even in the bible when during the time of Moses, the people grumbled when they experienced difficulty in the dessert and wished for slavery back in the hands of Egyptians rather than being free. This could be due to the fact that these people might have only known the life of being a slave and did not know how to act when they had to do things on their own. These people are more likely to be followers than leaders, and could not do anything without anybody telling them what to do.
These are individuals who think that having freedom means having more responsibilities and they are scared of it.

Symptoms of Eleutherophobia include suspicion of others, a sense of servitude, nausea at the thought of freedom, social anxiety, tremors, difficulty of breathing and weeping.

To overcome this fear usually requires information. A person should understand what freedom means and how it can provide personal and corporate liberty. A therapist can help manage the fear by explaining the prospects of freedom, and usually, your response has a lot to do on how you view these prospects. Changing the logic response and the fear response may follow.