Electrophobia- Fear of electricity

Almost all of the things in our home and workplace is powered by electricity. Our television, computer, the lights, refrigerator and in our age and time, it seems impossible to live without electricity and most of us get immobilized with power loss. But there are some people who are extremely scared of electricity and this is called electrophobia.

These people might have personally experienced being shocked, be it just a small voltage shock that scared them, to getting electrocuted and experiencing getting burns or other more serious injuries. Some might have seen on TV or have read in the news about people getting killed because of accidental electrocution. Also, people might have seen on TV people getting killed by the Electric Chair thus this fear develops.

People with this fear will try not to use electricity as much as possible. They would opt to live in houses with very few electrical appliances, chop up vegetables using the chopping board and knife instead of using an electric chopper, and may prefer to write stuff using a pen instead of typing it in the computer and just printing them.

Electrophobes will feel extreme anxiety when using things powered by electricity. They will refuse to plug the television and other appliances and may exhibit symptoms of anxiety if forced to do so.
Psychotherapy may be needed in some patients and medications may be needed for those who are unable to function in the society.