Eisoptrophobia- Fear of mirrors or of seeing oneself in a mirror

This fear occurs in response to insecurities about physical appearance and body image is known as Eisotrophobia. This usually results from fears about the appearance of one’s self. Staying away from mirrors is a way for these clients to deny the truth regarding their appearance.

There are two different ways in which this fear can manifest. One, when people become ill-unkempt because they refuse to deal with insecurities and fears about looking good. Another is being vain, by spending too much time fixing the superficial aspect of oneself, thus becoming paranoid about self-image. Avoiding mirrors may be the only way to give some sense of relief, or a way to escape from this type of fear. This fear should be examined in-depth.

Fearing the mirror is simply fearing oneself. Loving one’s self is one way of dealing with such insecurities.

People with body dysmorphic syndrome, are people who also experience low self-confidence about themselves. They often have a devastating image of themselves and this often results to deep insecurities.

Building a good sense of confidence regarding oneself, loving and accepting oneself, can be the key to looking at the mirror and liking what you see. Having therapy and panic treatment can be effective in treating Eisoptrophobia. To build self-esteem, one can go through community involvement, intellectual accomplishments, and creative hobbies.