Eicophobia- Fear of home surroundings

Most people feel secure when inside a house because it gives a feeling of safety and coziness, that is why a lot of people yearn to be at home after a tiring day at work or after traveling. But there are people who for some reason fear houses and this abnormal dread of houses is termed eicophobia or domatophobia. For an eicophobe, houses appear as repressive or unsafe. Another reason for this anxiety is due to claustrophobia or fear of enclosed places, or one might fear that a house is haunted.

For some, a past incident may have turned a house into a terrifying place. Some might have known someone who was robbed or even murdered in their home, or have seen in movies getting murdered in their own houses. A creaking or crunching sound is enough to trigger anxiety and can also be worsened by a wild imagination.

The aged may also loathe being inside a house. They attribute being at home as being alone especially when most kids have moved out and have their own families thus they feel depressed and sad being at home. Another reason is they don’t like being at home because they might have lost the ability to move around the house with the same energy they once did.

Symptoms may include an aversion to entering a house, and dreading a house that is in a bad condition. Sounds such as creaking or undersized rooms may cause nervousness for those suffering from this phobia.

Treatment includes therapy to help the phobic try to identify the root cause of the fear and can include behavioral therapy, exposure therapy or psychotherapy.