Ecophobia- Fear of home

The phobia referring to the fear of returning home or the fear of home is known as Ecophobia and is also otherwise known as Nostophobia. This fear can be based on certain events which may or may not be linked directly to the home itself. Individuals who experienced physical or emotional abuse at home can manifest with such fears. Considering a return to the family’s home can be perceived as a failure or inability to succeed away from home and can be one of the causes. Shame is usually the culprit of this so-called fear.

Symptoms of Ecophobia include difficulty of breathing, increased heart rate, panic attacks, sweating, loss of consciousness, tremors and crying.

When overcoming this type of fear, it should be given attention, whether the issue is about self-confidence and self-respect or traumatic experiences from the past. Clients such as military personnel should see a chaplain or counselor, to gain some support about going home. This will also help re-orient the client about family roles to be re-established upon returning home, after a long time of being away.
If faced with childhood trauma, enough support should be provided for the client to move on from the experiences of childhood going to adulthood. Finding support groups is the best way.