Dysmorphophobia- Fear of deformity

Society depicts sometimes an unrealistic image of beauty these days and standards for perfection may cause too much anxiety for persons who are unhappy about themselves. When an individual can’t attain the perfection they hope for they may focus on the opposite which is deformity. They may become obsessed by the potential of personal deformity. The result can be a phobia related to personal deformity. This fear is known as Dysmorphophobia. As for the causes, a personal incident leading to a previous deformity can cause it or any perceived threat can cause this phobia.

A person with this fear will not want to personally observe anyone with a deformity. On the other hand there may be some that are so obsessed with this physical alteration they can be frightened, and yet can’t seem to take their eyes off those who bear some deformity.

Symptoms may include trembling, crying, elevated heart rates, vomiting or the urge to flee from sites of those who have deformities. In this case a qualified therapist who can assist the phobic in altering response and minimizing the fear. For those with severe phobic symptoms, anti-anxiety medications or anti-depressants may be given to help alleviate symptoms.