Dutchophobia– Fear of the Dutch

If you think of the Netherlands at all you likely never express fear of the land, people or symbols of this European nation. It’s a land of wooden shoes, windmills, tulips and the home of children’s author Hans Christian Andersen. Famous paintings and music have come from this land and it played a role in World War II. But for some the fear known as Dutchphobia is a real and present worry. The fear may be strange and others might wonder why would a person fear another culture.

The feeling may be personal and the fear may have sprung due to a previous traumatic encounter with a Dutch nationality. The thought of WW II can also be one of the cause but most of the time, lack of understanding about the culture may be the cause such as language barriers, or customs which can be different from the person.
The phobic personality may avoid events which are held in Dutch history museums and programs that deal with the Dutch people. Usually, apparent anguish of these events can be a strong signal that a phobia may be present.

Symptoms may include nausea, trembling, elevated heart rate and the urge to flee. Phobic individuals can help themselves especially when they can scrutinize themselves and understand why they fear such things but a therapist would be of big help to at least guide the person in greatly reducing their amount of fear.