Dromophobia- Fear of crossing streets

Highways and streets have been part of our daily lives as well as the vehicles and the buses. Some people who are health conscious would prefer walking instead. However, there is a group of individuals who may not mind walking, but may refuse to cross a street due to an overwhelming sense of fear. This phobia is known as Dromophobia.
This people may enjoy walking in the park or along a river but if it entails crossing a street, they may solidify and turn around in fear.

This kind of fear usually occurs when a person sees a horrible event of someone being struck by a car while crossing the street. An individual who has this fear may see a truck as a potential cause of death. When they are faced with personal harm, this person may do everything within their power to preserve themselves.

In severe cases a dromophobe will not willingly walk on a sidewalk even under very controlled circumstances. Some may only find the ability to cross a street with the aid of someone they trust completely. They may tremble, have difficulty of breathing, nausea, vomiting, elevated heart rate, screaming, panic attack, running to the other direction or having irrational actions.

A therapist is helpful for they will usually know how to reduce the anxiety level of their clients or answer questions about the safety of crossing streets especially when the action is done at a traffic guided cross walk.