Dipsophobia- Fear of drinking

Dipsophobia is known as an abnormal and persistent fear of drinking alcohol. Sufferers of dipsophobia experience undue anxiety about addiction to alcohol and the effect this addiction can have on their body. This can be due to religious beliefs or just the fear of losing control. For some people, knowing the effects of alcohol such as loosening of inhibitions and errors of judgement or even life-changing mistakes can lead to fear of taking it. Alcoholics know that they need to avoid having even one drink, because they do not know how to stop drinking once they start.
Some religions forbid alcohol use since this can lead to sin and guilt.

For other cultures, having a glass or two is expected and quite normal. How a person perceive drinking is usually due to their upbringing and education.

People with this fear will tend to avoid a lot of social gathering where alcohol is consumed. Generally, they will not feel comfortable in nightclubs or pubs. Avoiding alcohol can be easy, but avoiding other people who drink liquor is considerably more difficult. This phobia can take its toll on a person’s family life, and may even have an adverse affect on romantic relationships. TV shows can also trigger dipsophobia since they depict the worst case scenarios.

Learning to live in a world where alcohol is imbibed may require some panic treatment or other method of coping. Psychotherapy and cognitive remapping are two forms of treatment that can lessen the impact of Dipsophobia on the afflicted.