Dinophobia- Fear of dizziness or whirlpools

Whirlpools can be very interesting and are beautiful to behold for others although they are highly recognized by many to be dangerous. These whirlpools may range from those draining from a sink to those that can sink large boats. People who fear whirlpools are called Dinophobics.

The root of this phobia can be obsession. People who are obsessed with this naturally occurring event can oftentimes lead to avoidance and avoidance eventually turned to fear. It’s possible an individual developed the fear from personally observing a whirlpool or getting caught in one, or they might be reflecting a fear they learned from a trusted adult in their lives. Since most of these people also fear death from being caught in a whirlpool, these people would also have secondary fears such as fear if water.

Unreasonable fear of this naturally existing phenomenon has to be dealt with properly. An individual with such fear can avoid lakes, oceans or even streams. They may even be afraid of bathing due to a potential whirlpool as the water drains. These people may also have difficulty of breathing, elevated heart rates, trembling, weeping or even fainting upon seeing the trigger factors since they already feel as if they are drowning.

Overcoming this fear needs a deeper understanding that these are naturally occurring events just like rain or snow and that the fear should be reduced or altered if possible. Support group or assistance from a therapist often provides relief.