Dikephobia- Fear of justice

People who are very law abiding and those who fear reckoning and justice from any criminal activity can be suspected of having Dikephobia or the fear of justice. Those with this phobia usually had a previous criminal record and these people usually feel anxiety when watching TV programs featuring a courtroom or even a TV series featuring a cop and a criminal. People with Dikephobia often fear imprisonment or incarceration. The idea of being locked up in jail can be very frightening for these people.

Trigger factors can include those who have read on the news about accounts of being locked up or have read them from articles or newspapers. For those who are religious, the idea of the Judgement day may also be the source of this anxiety and fear.

This phobia often reveals a guilty conscience or when there is no guilt, fear of being falsely accused is present. Sometimes, when justice is flawed, people form a fundamental distrust and can be a component of Dikephobia.

People who fear justice will feel nervous around policemen, judges, jail guards or anything related to the justice system. Fear of justice can be a sign that change needs to be done in that person’s life. When they fear justice, it is a signal that something is wrong or creating an inner stress in themselves that they have yet to be treated. A counselor is usually helpful in these situations.