Diabetophobia- Fear of diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus is a disease that affects a lot of people and persons who are afflicted tend to change their diet and lifestyle in a distinct way. For those who fear this disease and those who fear the idea of having this disease is found to have Diabetophobia. People who fear of Diabetes will always do everything to prevent them from having the disease or even just the risk factors of developing the disease such as eating sweets or drinking soda.

This fear could have been brought about by having a loved one afflicted with this disease and see them not enjoying their lives because of the food restrictions, strict control of blood sugar, having to inject oneself with insulin several times a day, or having to go through dialysis for those whose kidneys were severely affected with the disease. This fear could also be brought about by fear of needles and they fear that if they have diabetes, they would have to inject themselves or would have to subject themselves to frequent injections of insulin.

People who have fear of diabetes will exhibit symptoms of anxiety when exposed to trigger factors.

Panic treatment can help and psychotherapy can be very therapeutic so as to get to the heart of why that person fears diabetes. Proper medical care and education is of great importance as to the best line of defense against diabetophobia.