Dextrophobia- Fear of objects at the right side of the body

Have you ever tried to walk into an office and everything is organized and not a single litter can be seen? Or ever had a friend who tries to keep count of even just the tiniest clutter? Then you can be sure that the person who owns the office has an obsessive-compulsive personality. Persons who are specifically afraid of objects on the right side are known to have Dextrophobia. This kind of fear springs from an obsessive-compulsive personality. They can allow objects to exist on the left side of the workplace but are obstinate for objects to be on the right. Oftentimes, persons with this fear are subjected to mockery due to their unusual habits and can have social anxiety.

People with Dextrophobia may struggle with certain driving conditions such as moving into the left lane if they anticipate a vehicle on the right side. Other symptoms may include panic attacks, they get easily distracted, trembling, air hunger, elevated heart rates, nausea, screaming and even crying. This becomes a difficult fear to overcome since the root of this fear is the obsessive-compulsive personality and persons who are of this personality focuses on their object of obsession and will do everything to fix what is out of place.

Overcoming Dextrophobia may need professional help and usually a therapist may be of most help especially through life issues.