Dentophobia- Fear of dentists

Dentophobia is exaggerated and unwarranted fear of dental care, most often the dentist himself or herself. This phobia is also otherwise known as odontophobia and dental fear. Some people suffer from dentophobia to such an extremity that simply seeing a dental surgery photo or image can cause distress.

A traumatic experience at the dentist’s office can leave a child with a frightening experience that can become a root cause of the phobia. Some people only pay a visit to their dentist when they have dental emergencies. The procedures that they have to undergo may be more difficult than the usual procedures thus aggravating the fear.
Moreover, the sound of drills can be very discomforting for some and can add to the already traumatic experience. People also circulate exaggerated dental fear stories that can further increase or breed the phobia. In some people dentophobia causes can include disease such as tooth decay.

Talking to your dentist about your fears is one of the most simple & straight forward steps you can take to treat your dentophobia. Alternatively, you can talk to a psychotherapist about the various therapy options. This is a healthy step in the right direction. Ultimately, the goal of every dentophobia treatment is to get you to see a dentist without any fear or anxiety.