Dendrophobia- Fear of trees

When the object of your irrational fear is trees, you have dendrophobia. Most people find trees to be calming and peaceful, but some people seem to loathe the twisted trunks or intense growth.
Specific trees may afflict a person negatively and evoke strong and relentless anxiety. Fear of being hit by a falling tree is often a key trigger. Some trees can become diseased, turn hollow and may fall anytime. This unpredictable state of a tree can result in avoidance of places with huge trees such as forests or parks. Falling trees can cause injury and damaged property and this may be the cause of this unusual phobia.

Symptoms include unrest, rapid pulse and dizziness when in vicinity of trees. When trees are completely still, the brain can start playing tricks and make trees appear abnormal and frightening. Quiet and isolated rural settings can are full of dense trees can act as triggers. Those with a severe phobia may suffer from full blown panic attack or may try to flee from a place they think may cause them physical or mental harm.

Treating this phobia depends on the root cause and the degree of fear a patient has regarding trees. The therapist will try to identify the cause of fear and start from there. Medications may be given to treat severe symptoms of anxiety.