Demonophobia or Daemonophobia- Fear of demons

People who believe that evil supernatural beings exist and roam on earth may have abnormal and persistent fears of demons. They become unduly anxious when discussing demons, when venturing alone into woods or a dark house, or when watching films about demonic possession and exorcism.

Often, religious beliefs can play a role in phobias. For instance if someone believes the Bible is the literal word of God, they may have real trepidation about failing to ascend to Heaven upon their death. Sin, guilt, and bad deeds may play on the phobia person’s mind as they contemplate an eternity of punishment, surrounded by licking flames and grinning demons.

They typically feel that unseen spirits is constantly threatening them, often to the extent that the fear interferes with their daily lives. Fear of demons is generally considered one of the more rare phobias, though many people do experience some level of unease regarding the supernatural and supernatural beings.

People who suffer from demonophobia, go to great lengths to avoid what they believe to be an inevitable confrontation with demons. According to legend, demons can gain entry into the human world by means of Ouija boards and other supernatural tools, so many people who suffer from demonophobia typically avoid contact with items connected to the occult. In addition, they may avoid watching movies that deal with supernatural subject matter. They may also be afraid of the dark, especially when they are alone.