Decidophobia- Fear of making decisions

It is impossible for one human being not to make any decision in our everyday lives. We unconsciously make decisions like deciding for instance to wake up, go to sleep, lie down, sit, drink water and other things that we do routinely every day. But there are some people who fear making decisions, especially big decisions that can affect other people’s lives, or decisions involving money, or other people’s jobs among others.

This fear of decision making termed decidophobia may be rooted in a person’s fear of being responsible for another person. This is especially true for people who had an experience being a leader in a group which for example led to group failure.

This fear is also associated with poor self-esteem and these people will be contented just following other people’s orders even if they know that their plan is better than them. They are very good followers but lousy leaders.

People with this phobia will tend to rely on other people for their decision-making and they will usually rely on people who are in authority such as their parents, teacher, or boss. Treatment includes psychotherapy including behavioral and cognitive therapy. Medications may be given to those who have extreme fear of making decisions that it interferes with their daily lives.