Cyclophobia- Fear of bicycles

When we were younger, almost all of us could remember asking for a bicycle for Christmas at one point in our lives. Riding a bike is fun and exhilarating for most of us but can be extremely scary for one who has cyclophobia or the irrational and persistent fear of bicycles.

The fear of bicycles could have been brought about by a traumatic experience in the past such as falling of a bicycle and sustaining a bad fall. For others, learning to ride a bike could have been a traumatic experience that they never learned to ride the bike and subsequently developed a phobia of bicycles. One could have been also hit by a bike especially by rowdy teenagers who loved to show off in the park or could have seen someone riding a bike on the street who was accidentally hit by a fast moving vehicle and was instantly killed.

This fear may manifest as palpitations, tremors, and restlessness when one sees a bike. They will avoid parks where bikes are seen everywhere, and they will refuse to get on one even if it means they have to walk for some distance.

Treatment may include behavioral and cognitive psychotherapy. One could be introduced to a bicycle little by little, maybe ride a stationary bicycle at first, and then maybe later to a tricycle, and eventually, one might be able to ride a bicycle.