Cyberphobia- Fear of computers or working on a computer

Cyberphobia is the irrational fear of computers or working on a computer. Such a fear phobia can lead to problems regarding your career, as most office work requires using computers, especially in this advanced technological state. One may prefer jobs or careers that involve manual work. Computers and technology actually makes life easier but for a cyberphobic, computers are a cause for anxiety and concern.

Cyberphobia can be due to a lack of comfort and knowledge of computer technology. Aged people not familiar with the internet age are often more prone to suffer from symptoms of cyberphobia. Sitting at a computer may seem daunting. People with this phobia often complain and long for days of yore when computer use was negligible at the work place.

A fairly term for people fearing computers is ‘luddites’. Luddites are suspicious of latest technologies, and favor basic technology. Often, they display fear for cell phones, iPads & other contemporary gadgets.
Those with a severe form of cyberphobia may exhibit symptoms such as panic or even try to flee from the object of fear. Treatment may become essential if the phobia starts to affect the person’s ability to function normally.

Options for cyberphobia treatment include exposure therapy and desensitization therapy. The main aim of these therapies is to aid the patient in a step by step program that makes a person overcome the fear.