Crystallophobia- Fear of crystals or glass

Things made of crystal or glass are beautiful, delicate and fragile. They are usually nice to look at but are easily shattered or broken when dropped. Crystallophobia is the irrational and persistent fear of this material and there may be several reasons behind it. For instance, one might have broken mom’s favourite vase as a child and was severely punished for it. The punishment then created a conditioned response that triggered the fear. Another reason could have been a person who had a deep cut from a broken glass and had to be stitched up, thus the fear is triggered.

One might also fear glass, especially the glass on a mirror because they are scared of looking at their reflection. This is especially true for people who have body dysmorphic disorder where they see themselves as extremely fat or ugly.

People with this disorder will do anything to avoid looking or touch glass or crystal. They will prefer having wooden or metal stuff in the house, and would cover anything or keep anything made of crystal or glass. They would even prefer using plastic cups and plates. They may also manifest with symptoms of anxiety when they see or touch glass and may have full blown panic attacks even if they just hear the shatter of broken glass.

Treatment involves psychotherapy, medications are not usually needed for this phobia.