Cremnophobia- Fear of precipices

Cremnophobia is defined as the abnormal, persistent and irrational fear of steep cliffs or precipices. Being or standing at the edge of a cliff can be scary for anyone. But those with cremnophobia might manifest phobic symptoms even with just mere thought of cliffs.

Those with this phobia might have experienced falling off a cliff in the past and might have gotten lucky and only had minor injuries. Others might have seen or heard about other people falling off a cliff and getting killed. Others might have seen in the movies people getting pushed over a cliff in murder scenes, or people jumping off the side of a cliff to commit suicide and seeing pictures of the person who fell with their brains splattered on the rocks or ground below.

For others, especially the adrenaline junkies, jumping off a cliff with a parachute might have been their idea of an exciting sport in the past but during their jump sustained a serious injury thus they subsequently develop this phobia.

People with this fear avoid going to cliffs. They may tremble at the site of cliffs, have difficulty or shortness of breathing, and will do anything to avoid getting close to the edge of a cliff.

Psychotherapy is rarely needed because one does not have to be at the edge of a cliff if he does not want to.