Coulrophobia- Fear of clowns

When we think of clowns, we think of funny people with faces painted white, red big lips and big eye brows, red shiny round nose, colored hair, with colorful outfits and oversized shoes that make people laugh. Clowns are also a common attraction in the circus and most people find them funny. But there are some people with an irrational fear of clowns called coulrophobia and this fear could have been brought about by a bad experience with a clown. Maybe as a child, one could have had a traumatic experience with a clown at a party where the clown included him or her as part of the act and was laughed at and that person felt embarrassed. One might have also been scared of the face of the clown and has carried on the fear with them even as an adult.

This fear could have been triggered also by horror movies that showed clowns as the killers. This plot is used by many filmmakers so as to create an element of surprise because others might not think that the killer is the seemingly harmless and funny clown in the movie.

People with this people might have palpitations, trembling and might want to run away if one sees a clown. Sometimes seeing the picture of a clown can trigger these symptoms.

Treatment includes psychotherapy. Avoidance of the clown is also advised because clowns are not a part of our everyday life anyway.