Consecotaleophobia– Fear of chopsticks

When eating in Chinese or Japanese restaurants, it can be challenging for some people to eat with chopsticks especially if they are used to eating with a spoon and fork. There are some people who would avoid eating in Asian restaurants because of the fear of using these 2 sticks. The most common reason of being afraid of chopsticks is the difficulty in using the objects. It might take time to practice using them to pick up food and transfer it to the mouth. Some might have had a bad experience using the chopsticks because they were not able to eat properly and they did not enjoy the meal. They could have been really hungry at a particular time and were not able to eat their fill because they had to use chopsticks.

Eating with chopsticks can be messy and sometimes people with the fear of chopsticks have an obsessive behavior of being neat and they dislike the mess that can be created especially if they are not used to eating with it. Sometimes racism can play a role in consecotaleophobia. Those people who dislike or fear some Asian countries may associate using them with the countries they dislike thus causing the phobia.

People with this phobia will avoid eating at Chinese, Japanese, Korean or other Asian restaurants that use chopsticks. If unavoidable, they will insist it using a spoon and fork. They may also show signs of anxiety when forced to used chopsticks.

Treatment may include behavioral and cognitive therapy.