Coitophobia- Fear of coitus

Coitus is the medical term for sexual intercourse. Coitophobia or Genophobia is the physical or psychological fear of sexual relations or sexual intercourse. Genos a greek term which means “offspring,” and phobos, meaning “fear.” This word is also formed from the Greek term phobos and the term coitus, referring to the act of copulation in which the male reproductive organ penetrates the female reproductive tract.

This fear may stem out from a variety of different factors. Some may have suffered from a traumatic sexual experience which includes rape, witnessed a horrifying sexual act at a very young age and may have been scared since then and in women some may have experience unbearable pain during sex. Other factors of this fear includes far of uncontrollable sexual desires and the idea that sex is horrifying and disgusting. It has also been stated that women are the primary sufferers of this phobia.

Symptoms may include anxiety, dizziness, panic attacks, headaches, insomnia and withdrawal from society. Coitophobic may often feel assaulted by seeing sexual images on televisions, internet, movies and music. For someone who fears the sex act itself, all this stimuli can be very agitating and depressing.

Dealing with memories and emotions are the primary action in overcoming this kind of fear. Since there is no universal cure in Coitophobia or Genophobia, seeing a psychiatrist, a psychologist or a licensed counselor for therapy is greatly encouraged.