Coimetrophobia- Fear of cemeteries

Cemetery is a place for the burial of the dead. Death is inevitable but oftentimes a lot of us find it hard to accept it. The fear of cemeteries is known as Coimetrophobia. This refers to an abnormal, constant and terribly debilitating fear of cemeteries or burial grounds. Fear of cemeteries is somewhat common and perhaps the greatest phobia of all.

Coimetrophobia is usually caused by the fear of unknown, myths, old tales and even television programs, movies and books. The fear of cemeteries is closely associated with the fear of being buried alive which is a common description in thrillers. Those people having this kind of phobia know that their fears are ungrounded and unrealistic.

The fear may also lead to the avoidance of areas or place and situations related to cemeteries. Coimetrophobic person may not always voice their fears yet visible signs and symptoms may be present including full blown attacks, seating, heart palpitations, shock, shaking and breathlessness.

Getting control of Coimetrophobia can be done and it may require education and a more idealistic attitude towards death. Successful treatment options are available not only to manage the fear but also to cure with the use of long term therapy. Hypnotherapy is almost certainly the most common and preferred treatment.