Clinophobia- Fear of going to bed

Clinophobia is the irrational fear of going to bed or falling asleep. This kind of fear is unexpectedly a common one. Sleep disturbances like nightmares, work and relationship can leave a person more prone in developing Clinophobia. The subconscious world of dreams can give rise to all kinds of violent or disturbing images and usually those who have frequent nightmares experiences dreams of falling, dying or being humiliated.

Once Clinophobia is not the direct indication of sleep disorder or medical problem it often hints some deeper issues, dilemma and uncertainties can keep someone awake and the idea of sleeping peacefully is impossible. At times, insomnia and fear of sleeping affects the person’s daily life. The pattern of symptoms experienced usually varies from person to person, frequently depending on the severity of the phobia. For some people, the phobia causes them to feel uncomfortable and anxious when attempting to sleep and in more severe cases, attempting to sleep might provoke severe anxiety or panic attacks.

Treatment may involve medical intervention and may vary on the cause and severity of the phobia. If the cause is emotional problems and stress from work seeking help in the form of counseling or therapy is encouraged. And if panic attack becomes a symptom, panic treatment can be a way to break off physical and mental tension.