Cleptophobia- Fear of stealing

Cleptophobia is known as the fear of stealing which has two forms; one is the fear of being stolen from or robbed and the other is the fear of stealing from someone else, in which the two are often related and may be present at the same time.

The fear of stealing may be triggered by past terrible experience, some may have been robbed, attacked on the street or may be abused by the criminal and also those who have been a thief and worries that they will do it over and over again.

In some cases symptoms varies depending on the type of this phobia. If a cleptophobic person is afraid of being robbed they usually becomes defensive, they might lock up valuables, maintains a protective attitude towards strangers and avoids walking alone particularly at night and if a cleptophobic person is afraid of stealing from others, they might become overly honest and generous, they avoid situations that might tempt them to steal such as money handling jobs or social gatherings. Some people with this kind find their fear extends to cheating and are very much particular in following every rule when playing games. This both forms of Cleptophobia can lead to isolation, low self esteem, depression, anxiety and are mostly likely to develop feeling of worthlessness and shame.

Cleptophobia can be successfully treated with cognitive-behavioral therapy.