Chronophobia- Fear of time

It is a universal fact that no one can stop time or no one can go back in time. Time is living that moment and even as you read this, you cannot bring back the time one second ago when you read the previous sentence. Chronophobia has been studied in the past and is said to be based on chronoperception, or the process where time is perceived by the brain.

Causes of this phobia is common in those in jail, where they perceive time as really slow and they can imagine every tick and tock of the clock because they have nothing to do while they are locked up. This phobia is also common in the elderly because they might fear that their time on earth is getting shorter and shorter every day and that their end is near. The people who are stressed and overworked may also fear time because he or she might be scared that he or she can’t get the work done on time. Those working on a deadline are even more scared of time because with each passing moment, the deadline draws near.

Symptoms of anxiety and panic such as tremors, restlessness, palpitations, nausea and such may be seen in these phobic persons. They will refuse to wear a watch, and may not have any clocks or watches in their homes.

Treatment includes psychotherapy and anti-anxiety medications to those who have severe phobia that interferes with everyday life.