Chronomentrophobia- Fear of clocks

When you start fearing clocks, you have chronomentrophobia. A dislike for clocks, may indicate another underlying fear, that of death. The fear of clocks is characterized by a fear of time passing by too quickly.
Chronomentrophobia may comprise of anxiety related to punctuality, schedules or other realistic apprehensions. Certain occupations can aggravate this phobia. People who face strict deadlines or punch clocks have an amplified hatred or fear about clocks. A chronomentrophobic has an aversion to keeping clocks inside home or in the office. They will check time in ways that do not trigger their fears such as using mobile phones to know the time.

Some may use computers and thus avoid the regular shaped clock. But avoiding such clocks can become a hindrance and impact life at work and home. Such phobics can suffer emotionally upon encountering triggers. Clocks can be seen in many places and this can become stressful for a chronomentrophobic person. From the huge clock towers placed at various locations to the innumerable clocks in markets, bus and train stations & shops, a trigger is just a few steps away.

Symptoms of chronomentrophobia include getting depressed when in vicinity of clocks. One may panic and try to stay away from places that have clocks. The tick tock sounds of a clock often cause irritation to a chronomentrophobe. They have increased sensitivity to such sounds. People with chronomentrophobia often feel their lives are controlled by clocks. In some cases, chronomentrophobia causes extreme reactions as a result of demanding agendas or tight schedules.
Dealing with this phobia will require time and patience and usually requires psychotherapy.