Chromophobia- Fear of colors

Chromophobia, also known as chromatophobia is a persistent, irrational fear of colors. A severe form of this phobia can hinder daily activities and can make life self-limiting. People with chromophobia may correlate a distressing past event with a color.

It can develop following a negative or traumatic event involving either a single or multiple colors. Some people become sensitive to particular shades or tones. Others may prefer surroundings to be, as much as possible, free of colors. They might have experienced a traumatic event that occurred in a room of a particular color and thus they associate that particular color with fear.

People who are color-blind could experience chromophobia as they have limited work opportunities as a result of their condition. People who are color-blind may have variable red and green color blindness and thus they are not allowed to fly a plane or other jobs that involve identifying the color red and green.

Symptoms vary and may include any of the symptoms of anxiety like palpitations, chest discomfort, shortness of breath, tremors. In some, chromophobia causes extreme symptoms where the phobic person starts to think that death is imminent.

Effective treatment for phobia involves methods and techniques that include systematic desensitization & exposure therapy. Exposure therapy is a chromophobia treatment that permits the patient to get comfortably accustomed, step-by-step to his or her object of fear, in a controlled environment.