Chorophobia- Fear of dancing

Chorophobia is the irrational fear of or aversion to dancing, and is often based on one’s unwillingness to become aroused, excited, or ecstatic. Chorophobia is also a fear of any event, outcome, situation or person that resembles, relates or symbolizes “dancing” of any form or kind.

People suffering from Chorophobia will do anything and everything to avoid dancing of any form or kind. Any event, person or situation that resembles, relates to or symbolizes “dancing” can trigger this fear of dancing. This dancing phobia is generally caused by some influence of dancing in a person’s life through media, the cinema, childhood and family experiences, dreams, books, news and events. Some might also have experienced dancing in the past in front of a crowd and making a mistake and felt humiliated and since then associated dancing to something that causes fear. Chorophobia is often associated with other fears, such as the fear of embarrassment, or social phobia or the fear of crowds.

Usual symptoms of chorophobia are shortness of breath, rapid breathing, irregular heartbeat, sweating, nausea, panic, and avoidance of places where dancing would take place.

Treatment can vary widely, to the extent of consulting a personal therapist or by hypnosis. When chorophobia is associated with other fear, treating the originating fear will be more appropriate. For example, if the fear of dancing is caused by some low-esteem in dancing ability, taking a private dancing class can improve the condition tremendously.