Chiroptophobia- Fear of bats

Bats are nocturnal animals which are usually associated with dangers and fears in darkness. Other people also linked bats to vampires and Halloween.

Chiroptophobia is the fear of bats. Some people are afraid of bats because of the possibility that they may get rabies but only 0.5 percent rats are carrier of rabies. In most cases, this fear comes from misconceptions. In reality, there are only three kinds of bats that feed on blood, all of which live in Latin America. Some might also fear bats because they heard of stories as a child of bats becoming vampires and draculas and getting bitten by them will turn you into a vampire.

All of these notions connected with bats may contribute to those having extreme fear of bats.

Signs of Chiroptophobia are oftentimes instant in the sight or presence of bats and they may experience intense fear and anxiety. Other symptoms include hyperventilation, palpitations and screaming or crying.

This kind of phobia is not life a threatening and others choose not to seek any medical treatment for they usually believe that they will never encounter bats in their lifetime so they live and cope with their phobia on their own. But there are some whose phobias are beyond their control and affects their daily lives therefore medical treatment is much regarded. Counselling, systematic desensitization and self-hypnosis are usually recommended.