Chirophobia- Fear of hands

Our hands are one of the most integral part of our body and it also plays an important role in our everyday lives. Whatever we do we always use our hands.

Chirophobia is one the rarest phobia which is regarded by the major fear of hands, either by own hands or others. Like other phobias this generally occurs in response to some traumatic experiences in the past like injury of the hands or a severe attack of arthritis. Pain and suffering in the hands will cause negative attitude towards hands.

Most of the time chirophobics are seen with mittens as a protective gear. Also, they are afraid with the concept of hand washing.
The most common symptoms are feelings of dread, overwhelming thoughts of terror and panic, fast heartbeat, and tunnel vision. They try to avoid using their hands which is impossible because we use our hands in everything that we do.

Muscle strengthening and hand exercises are ways to help overcome this phobia. Taking control is always the key in resolving phobias, so learning to use the hands more effectively may help with the phobic symptoms. If the source of Chirophobia is some past trauma, it may be necessary to deal with the panic and fear that arise when faced with some triggers. This can be done by psychotherapy or rarely with medications.