Chiraptophobia- Fear of being touched

There are some people who fears being touched by others or being just close to them. Others would feel that their personal space is being invaded and all these concerns can turn out to be serious if they permit this fear to go beyond their life. Chiraptophobia is the Latin word for the fear of being touched.

The person who fears being touched will appear to be aloof and distant and this can affect their social and even professional life.
This fear is usually derived from a variety of circumstances. Possibly the phobic person had experienced a traumatic event before, either they witnessed someone being abused physically or sexually or they are the ones who are abused. Some are not used to being touched because they lacked care and nurturing from their parents when they are young and this tends to develop this fear.

A person with this phobia will avoid another person if they try to get close. Panic attack symptoms may manifest when the Chiraptophobic contacts another person and would feel or show dizziness, a sense of doom, heart palpitations and intense fear.

Seeking proper therapy from a qualified medical professional can be of great help in addressing issues of the past since it is always important to deal with the root of the person’s fear in order to resolve the phobia. Some people benefit from alternative treatments such as hypnotherapy and cognitive therapy.