Cherophobia – Fear of gaity

In our world today, emotions are seen everywhere. With the fast rising technology social media has been an outlet for anyone who wants to express their emotions. Expression of emotion which shows gaiety is thought to be unpleasant by others most especially by the older generations who were then raised with different standards and moral guidelines.

Men are more likely to develop Cherophobia since masculinity is usually attached to the idea of being strong and silent type. At times, the culture where a person is raised can impact the development of this phobia. If culture and religion plays a big role on the modesty, chastity and humbleness expression of gaiety may seem to be too dramatic and perhaps self-indulgent. Those who hold back their emotions are the one who hoards anger or hatred. In Cherophobic person, there may be some painful conscious or subconscious memories that block expressions of joy and numb the emotions.

Cherophobic persons may show symptoms such as nausea, dizziness and a sense of doom. They may seem apathetic and aloof. They don’t usually react in certain situations.

Therapy or panic treatment may lead to an improved life. Getting to the heart of a phobia is the answer to unlocking its essence, and understanding its impact.